Find Your IP Team

Each academic unit is supported by a team of professionals who facilitate the intellectual property protection and commercialization processes for discoveries and innovations made at UCF. Each licensing associate is supported by a Intellectual Property and Licensing Specialist, who assists with administrative functions.

Researchers, please send all completed forms and documents to the respective IP and Licensing Specialist, using the tables below to first identify your college’s licensing associate and then the supporting specialist.


Academic Unit Licensing Associate
College of Arts & Humanities John Miner
College of Business Administration Andrea Adkins
College of Community Innovation and Education John Miner
College of Engineering & Computer Science Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
College of Health Professions and Sciences John Miner
College of Medicine Benjamin Neymotin
Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences Benjamin Neymotin
College of Nursing Benjamin Neymotin
College of Optics and Photonics John Miner
College of Sciences BY DEPARTMENT:
        Anthropology John Miner
        Arboretum John Miner
        Biology Benjamin Neymotin
        Chemistry Benjamin Neymotin
        Mathematics John Miner
        Nicholson School of Communication John Miner
        Physics Raju Nagaiah
        Political Sciences John Miner
        Psychology John Miner
        Sociology John Miner
        Statistics John Miner
Rosen College of Hospitality Management Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah

Research Centers and Institutes

Advanced Materials Processing and Analysis Center Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
Center for Advanced Turbomachinery and Energy Research Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
Center for Advanced Transportation Systems Simulation Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
Center for Research & Education in Optics and Lasers John Miner
Center for Research in Computer Vision Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
Florida Solar Energy Center Raju Nagaiah
Florida Space Grant Consortium Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
Florida Space Institute Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
Institute for Simulation & Training John Miner
Lou Frey Institute John Miner
Multilingual/Multicultural Center John Miner
Metropolitan Center John Miner
Nano Science Technology Center Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah & Benjamin Neymotin
National Center for Forensic Science John Miner


Army ROTC Andrea Adkins & Raju Nagaiah
Global Perspectives John Miner

Intellectual Property and Licensing Specialist

Please send all completed disclosure forms to the IP and Licensing Specialist working with the respective licensing associate.

Licensing Associate IP and Licensing Specialist
Andrea Adkins Kristina Gomez
Benjamin Neymotin Christopher Serafin
John Miner Laszlo Molnar
Raju Nagaiah Sandra Jaggernauth

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