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Darren Engle

Darren Engle, Founder and CEO Multicore Photonics, Inc.

Multicore Photonics, Inc. is innovating big by using UCF-developed technology to design next generation “smart” fiber optic sensors that communicate with each other and with factory operators in real-time to create a virtual copy of the physical world. Smarter sensors keep factories and operators safer. Read More.

Success Story

Hydrogen detection tape changes color when a leak is detected.

HySense Technology, a spinoff of The University of Central Florida, is helping to keep crews in power plants, workers with industrial gases and aerospace engineers safe. Hydrogen is used in fuel cells, making fertilizer and is the fuel source used in the upper stages of NASA’s rocket launches. However, it is also highly flammable, making leak detection a priority for safe launches. Read the full story.

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