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Members from UCF’s Research Foundation, Technology Transfer, and CREOL recently toured the Orlando facilities of UCF technology licensee MultiCore Technologies. The company develops next-generation “smart” fiber optic sensors using the university’s patented high-temperature fiber optic sensor technology. The sensors communicate with each other and with factory operators in real-time to create a virtual copy of the physical world. Smarter sensors keep factories and operators safer. For more information, contact, 407.882.1136. More about MultiCore.

Realism in Dynamic 3D Models

Logo for DASH (Digital Anatomy Simulations for Healthcare)Imagine a 3D model that actually feels and looks like real skin, bone, and tissue with details that you only see in illustrations. That’s what UCF technology licensee DASH (Digital Anatomy Simulations for Healthcare) offers. Their ultrarealistic 3D models and services give physicians and healthcare providers-in-training better tools to care for their patients. The underlying technologies developed by UCF enable DASH to customize optical properties within and at the surface of a 3D voxel data structure. For more information, contact, 407.882.1136. More about DASH.

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