Benjamin (Benjy) Neymotin, Ph.D.

Benjamin Neymotin, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Life Sciences

Assistant Director, Life Sciences

Phone: (407) 823-0665



I manage the intellectual property portfolios for the following academic units. Intellectual Property and Licensing Specialist Christopher Serafin assists me with administrative functions. Please send him all completed forms and documents.


  • College of Medicine
  • College of Nursing
  • College of Sciences: I manage the intellectual property for the following departments:
    • Biology
    • Chemistry


Benjamin (Benjy) Neymotin, Ph.D., is an Assistant Director in UCF’s Office of Technology Transfer (OTT). He is responsible for managing, evaluating, protecting, marketing, and licensing life sciences-related intellectual property. Before joining the Office of Technology Transfer, Benjy was the Assistant Director of Licensing and Operations in the Office of Biotechnology and Business Development at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He was at Einstein for nine years, focusing on managing strategic alliances with commercial partners, reviewing and assessing invention disclosures of new technologies, and negotiating a variety of technology transfer agreements. Prior to Einstein, he conducted his Ph.D. research at New York University and contributed to the understanding of how and why RNA transcripts within the yeast transcriptome degrade at different rates. The results of those studies are published in a variety of peer-reviewed journals. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology with a focus on genomics and systems biology from New York University, an M.A. in biotechnology from Columbia University, and a B.S. in biology from The Ohio State University.

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