Omnidirectional, Polarization-Independent, All-Dielectric Light Trapping Scheme

Technology #33979

UCF researchers have developed a new light trapping scheme that uses nanoparticles to mimic the essential light trapping mechanisms found in a leaf: focusing, waveguiding and light scattering. The novel architecture and process enable the production of low-cost, ultrathin, flexible and durable solar cells that can be easily fabricated using roll-to-roll processing. Unlike conventional solar cell architectures, the invention incorporates the use of lightweight, pliable 2D semiconductor materials and an all-dielectric approach which is lossless in the visible spectrum of light. It also offers broadband polarization-independent reflection features, so that solar cells can capture sunlight from almost any angle.


  • Produces ultrathin, flexible, lightweight, durable and reliable solar cells
  • Omnidirectional features enable solar cells to efficiently capture light at different angles
  • Cost-efficient, providing for the highest watt/gram silicon use
  • Enables mass-fabrication via roll-to-roll processing


  • Solar cell manufacturing and production
  • Wearable, flexible electronics

For more information, refer to the technology sheet.