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UCF Innovator imageWe are proud to boast that new and useful discoveries are happening every day at UCF. Our team works to promote your discovery so that, through the commercialization process, it can one day enter the marketplace. That process starts with you.

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Here is what you can expect when you submit an invention disclosure:

  1. Invention Disclosure

    Please start by filling out an Invention Disclosure Form found on our website under Forms & Documents. Once we receive the disclosure we can begin process of evaluating feasibility, novelty, and market potential to determine how to best proceed in the IP process. UCF is required to report intellectual property created in part or in whole with federal funding so please include ALL sources of funding used.

  2. Publication and Public Disclosure

    It is important to disclose your invention to the OTT before you publicly disclose or publish your discovery. If you have presented or published your material, or plan to do so in the near future, please contact us immediately. There are certain deadlines that have to be met or you risk losing the ability to protect the intellectual property.

  3. Conversation

    Over the next few weeks you can expect to have an on-going dialog with members of the Technology Transfer team. We will likely have further inquiries about certain aspects of the invention. Additionally, our assisting patent attorney may wish to speak with you.

  4. Marketing and Licensing

    Licensing technology is often the most challenging step of the technology transfer process. Our office utilizes a variety of marketing methods, but inventor support had been one of the most effective. As the expert in the field, we encourage inventors to attend trade shows, publish articles, and associate with industry contacts.

  5. Timeline

    The timeline for the technology transfer process can vary greatly. It takes several weeks and even months to evaluate all aspects of an invention, its application, potential patenting, and marketing. The issuance of a patent generally takes from 18 to 36 months. However, licensing and marketing efforts can occur concurrently.

Note: If your research is wholly or in part funded by the National Institute of Health, please review the revised NIH policy on publications by clicking the link below.


Invention Disclosure Form

Download the Invention Disclosure Form. Fill out the Word document and email it to the respective Technology Manager (Please only email Word documents. With the exception of signatures pages, do not send PDF copies):


We can help! Contact our office (407-882-0340) if you have any questions.

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