UCF Tech Commercialization – ARGIS

Orlando, FL –The Center for Research Administration Technologies and Applications (CRATA) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) has launched version 3.8 of its Academic Research and Grants Information System ( ARGIS ) software. ARGIS was developed to significantly reduce the administrative overhead that is often associated with today’s university research management process.

“Research at universities is growing at an amazing rate,” says CRATA Director Tammie McClellan. “Universities all over the United States are being hampered by the myriad of details, reports, and other information that is required to manage this growth in research funding. We believe we have solved the majority of the work flow problems that naturally arise from the complexity of information that is now commonplace in managing research proposals and awards.”


The initial version of ARGIS was derived from a sophisticated data cataloging system developed by UCF as part of a multi-million dollar Department of Defense contract. Version 3.8 has added significant functionality to the initial version, and can now adapt virtually to any data gathering and tracking requirement that is needed for managing research projects. Version 3.8 is now deployed and operational at the Office of Research.

According to Dr.Thomas O’Neal, UCF’s Associate Vice President for Research, “ARGIS proved to be no less than revolutionary for us. It has automated our entire research information management infrastructure, and has addressed the needs of everyone involved. This includes our researchers, our administrative staff, our college deans, and department chairs, and our sponsors. ”

UCF is utilizing ARGIS to automate the entire workflow of managing research from submission of proposals to publicizing the results for research initiatives. “By giving faculty, staff and our sponsoring partners access to timely information about our research, we have greatly simplified the application administration, and accounting processes associated with research at UCF,” said Dr.M.J.Soileau, UCF’s Vice President for Research.