Wrong-Way Driver Detection Technologies can Help Prevent Head-On Collisions

Technology #33441, 33714

Researchers at UCF and the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) have patented methods for systems that help prevent head-on collisions when drivers wrongfully enter roadways. The technologies (UCF IDs: 33441 and 33714) can be used to alert and stop wrong-way drivers (WWDs) and to also notify right-way drivers, authorities and police of possible oncoming danger. Employing unique Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RFB) signs, motion sensors, controllers, wireless communication devices and navigation servers, the technologies integrate with existing transportation infrastructures and driver assistance technologies in cars (called “connected vehicles”).


  • Easily integrates with existing driver-assistance technologies and highway infrastructures
  • Attracts the attention of wrong-way drivers much better than existing light emitting diodes (LEDs)
  • Data collected for over 3 years at Florida exit ramps where technologies are deployed shows that more than 80 percent of wrong-way drivers at exit ramps have safely self-corrected without incident
  • Effectively prevents catastrophic injuries and fatalities


  • Exit ramps of limited access highways (toll roads and freeways)
  • Any public or private high-speed roadways where wrong-way driving may occur

For more information, refer to the technology sheet.